Elizabeth Robb

Registered Dietitian



Who are you?

I am a registered dietitian, mom, 94% healthy eater and sporadic fitness fanatic.

What made you choose nutrition?

I found a field that was interesting to everyone, and I could embrace in my everyday life.  I love meeting and helping people.  “Do what you love” – I am fortunate to have found that.

How long have you been practicing?

For the last 15 years I have done one-on-one nutrition counseling.  I’ve also facilitated groups and classes for diabetes, weight reduction and eating on a budget.  My earlier career was food service management in healthcare settings.

What is your nutrition philosophy?

I love to eat.  I love good simple food and delicious decadent food.  I do not like telling people what they should and should not eat.  I would rather help figure out how to fit the food you love into your goals.

One key to success for your clients?

It’s not all about diet.  Sleep, daily routines, exercise, cooking and eating out habits all go in to making a healthy nutrition plan.  We look at all these things and focus on what you are ready and able to change.  Often you just need new ideas, the knowledge as to why it matters, and a little support to get where you want to be.