Ann Garrison

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist



Who are you?

My name is Ann Garrison…I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Nutrition Education. I am a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate individual especially when it comes to educating and empowering my clients on Nutrition and Fitness.

What made you choose nutrition?

I chose the field of nutrition first, because I love science but more importantly, I saw first hand that by combining a well balanced diet with a sound exercise program you can do wonders to improve your overall health and performance.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been in the Field of Nutrition and Wellness for almost 20 years. I have worked with clients of all age groups and backgrounds…including athletes, medical professionals, corporate executives (to name a few) both one on one and in small and large group settings. My message and style are always engaging and empowering creating excitement and enthusiasm for change.

What is your nutrition philosophy?

My approach to practicing Nutrition is that you have to find balance between what you do with your Mind, Mouth and Muscles. In addition, I believe all foods can fit and is not the food that is the problem but often what you do to the food (meaning how much of it you eat and what you add to it). And by focusing on eating more of the best and less of the rest you can significantly improve your health.

One key to success for your clients?

One key item to success is you have to have a goal or a summit in mind….know where you want to get in terms of weight, health and performance but realize its about small steps forward but if you take a step back don’t give up.. keep your sight on your goal…you will get there!