Elizabeth Robb

  • Who you are?

I am a registered dietitian, mom, 94% healthy eater and sporadic fitness fanatic.


  • Why did you choose nutrition as your career?

I found a field that was interesting to everyone, and I could embrace in my everyday life.  I love meeting and helping people.  “Do what you love” – I am fortunate to have found that.


  • How long have you been practicing?

For the last 15 years I have done one-on-one nutrition counseling.  I’ve also facilitated groups and classes for diabetes, weight reduction and eating on a budget.  My earlier career was food service management in healthcare settings.


  • What’s your approach to practicing nutrition?

I love to eat.  I love good simple food and delicious decadent food.  I do not like telling people what they should and should not eat.  I would rather help figure out how to fit the food you love into your goals.


  • What do you think is one key to success for your clients?

I particularly enjoy the diversity of clients I have helped.  Professionals, parents, healthy, overweight, managing or preventing disease.  From busy fast food and convenience eaters to new vegans looking for meal plans, recipes and supplement advise – I can relate to anyone interested in dishing about food and nutrition with me.



Elizabeth Robb