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Our Services

We do our absolute best to make sure we customize our services to fit what you are looking for. We understand that not everyone and everything fits into a box. We encourage you to reach out and talk to us even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.
1:1 Private Consultations

Work privately with one of our dietitians at one of our office locations. Our dietitian will take you through a thorough assessment, getting a good sense of your goals, evaluating your lifestyle, and putting together a foundation for you to build off of. (Covered by most insurance plans.)

Phone or Virtual Consultations

Not able to meet in person? No problem. We can chat virtually or via conference call and go through the same exact consultation we would have in person.

Wellness Seminars

We will customize an interactive nutrition or wellness seminar that fits what you are looking for. Lunch and learns, 3 or 5 week Nutrition Series, Group Counseling, Food Demonstrations and Cooking Demos are just some of the options we offer.

Corporate Workplace Consultations

Want provide this service for your employees at your workplace? No problem. One of our dietitians will come out to your workplace and meet with employees privately to address their health goals. (Covered by most insurance plans.)

Meet the Team

I started going to Danielle because I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I constantly counted calories, cut out entire food groups if I deemed them to be “unhealthy,” weighed myself daily, and felt excessive guilt if I veered from these self-imposed rules. After about 6 months of seeing Danielle, I can look back and laugh at my old habits. Danielle helped me develop a better, healthier relationship with food that has made me feel like a better version of myself. Instead of counting calories, I now count nutrients, and instead of constantly weighing myself to validate my fitness goals, I now validate my goals based on how I feel. I talked to several doctors about my unhealthy relationship with food, and they all tried to help me by treating me as they would someone with a typical eating disorder. But Danielle, on the other hand, took the time to understand my habits and thought processes, and she was thus the only person capable of getting through to me and helping me change my ways. I am so thankful for the way in which Danielle has changed my life for the better!


In my ongoing quest for optimum health, R.D. John Rickards has become my Sherpa of sorts, keeping me on track when I stray from the path of healthy eating and guiding me through the daily obstacles that threaten to derail my forward progress. His sound advice and innovative ideas have helped me to upgrade the quality of everything I put into by body - be it food, vitamins or supplements. He's enabled me to form healthy, sustainable habits without deprivation and has provided valuable fitness advice as well. I've been a client now for 5 years and still look forward to learning something new at each session. I firmly believe much of my success has been contingent on remaining accountable to John and, for this reason, I plan on remaining a client for many, many years to come!



I have been working with Danielle for over several months and have gained so much knowledge and confidence in making the best food choices for me. With Danielle's guidance, I have learned how to properly portion size, read labels and know when and what to eat and also learned amazing tips for fitness and exercise. . In addition, two months into our sessions, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Danielle was so patient and supportive. She prepared a customized plan for me to nourish myself by incorporating food as medicine. I look forward to every session because I know I will always learn something new that I can add to make myself healthier. Danielle is so inspiring and always willing to share her professional knowledge. Since working with Danielle, I have seen amazing results in my health and I can't appreciate her enough for this!

Age 35


I love working with Danielle and have recommended her to my friends; here is why: She has worked with me and taught me what I should eat and what I should not eat according to the food pyramid, which I never understood in the past. I have been able to learn to eat healthy yet delicious food along with the correct serving size to help me achieve my weight goal. My doctor had just told me that I needed to lose weight and fast because I was Pre-Diabetic with high cholesterol and had trouble breathing plus barely walking due to an accident 2 years prior to meeting Danielle. I had little hope because I could not exercise due to chronic pain and little movement at only 33 years of age and lots of health issues prior and after the accident (Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Asthma ETC.) I have now reach my goal weight of 130lb after losing 50lb (27% of my total body weight), decreased my triglycerides levels over 100 points and back in normal range to prevent diabetes and BEST OF ALL GOT RID OF MY CANE and IMPROVED my overall HEALTH!!! Thank you Danielle you rock.

Age 33

I have now been working with John since 2013 and my experience with him has been nothing but positive. My fitness and nutrition journey has been up and down since I graduated from College in the mid 1980’s but at the age of near 40 years old in 2003, I had gastric bypass surgery and lost close to 190lbs (when I weighed near 400 pounds) which I keep off for over 10 years, sadly my weight started creeping up again and I weighed 300 pounds again and that was something that shocked me into seeking nutrition counseling, which led me to John. In working with John these past 5 years, I have been down as low as a 50 plus pound weight loss and my fitness journey has steadily improved and I could never be happier with the work I have done with John. Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned from John include: Consistency with good choices that align with my weight loss goals. Always be willing to try new ideas that might be a little outside of my comfort zone with preparing my meals but also only eat things that I truly enjoy. Accept the times where the scale might not be where you want it to be but also recognize that if you are following a good meal plan, working out consistently, seeing that your vitals are at a good place, then you know you are on the right track concerning your journey to good health and wellness. What I appreciate most in working with John is his willingness to help you find what tools work best for me as an individual, what exercise program fits my needs more, and what pitfalls to try and avoid so that I am constantly striving for my health and wellness goals. My work continues with John due to the fact that this journey to good health and fitness is a forever project and I know for sure that I am in great hands with John Rickards!

Age 56

I’ve been working with John since 2013. What I like most is that he listens and helps me set realistic goals. He’s my cheerleader always encouraging me to do better. His program is no cookie cutter one size fits all deal. He will help you with a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Age 40

Under the umbrella of our PGW Wellness Program, I started meeting with nutritionist Mike Becker, Registered Dietitian two years ago, and his counseling and encouragement have helped me tremendously. We have had about a dozen counseling sessions in that time, and it seems that following each session, I have added a different nutritional component to my dietary lifestyle. My first improvement two years ago was to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, which ultimately led to my home-cooking of vegetable soups. I have prepared and enjoyed about 30 batches of soup along the way, all of them based in numerous vegetables, with alternating chicken, beef, ham, and even my home-cooked meatballs. In my attempt to distance myself from chocolate candy bars, through Mike’s recommendation, I have quenched my late afternoon sweet tooth with a frozen mix of peanut butter and banana swimming in a protein shake. Most recently, again on Mike’s suggestion, I have added CLIF bars as another means to quench my sweet tooth without turning to the chocolate candy bars I had previously been too weak to resist. I always look forward to my nutritional counseling sessions with Mike, knowing that I’m enjoying food more than ever, but doing better things for my overall health.

Age 52

Down 50 lbs

I didn’t realize until then, how personal food was to me. Also, thinking about John commenting on my diet made me pretty nervous. John was gentle on this front and made me feel comfortable. First thing John did was comment on the things I was doing right. Then, John gave me some terrific and simple ideas to improve my diet....Can I loss another 10 to 15 pounds and be healthier? Sure. I know how to do it because John has given me the tools to do so….I’ve lost a total of 22lbs since working with John and I don’t have to wear larger shirts to “hide” the belly. There’s a six-pack there as long as I keep the weight off….My energy levels are through the roof. I work out at least 5 days a week and miss it when I don’t. I’m more engaged, alert, and less prone to mood swings. I look forward to and get a high from working out and that translates into more productivity in my work day… One of my reasons (3 years ago) for seeking a Registered Dietitian/trainer was to help me reduce my weight and reduce the rising figures in my blood tests. Cholesterol and glucose levels were both increasing. Since working with John, they’ve all decreased and my doctor notes my good health and exercise routine as enviable.

Age 55

Improved body fat by close to 3%

I’ve been using John’s services for several months and I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge including proper snacking, portion control, proper reading of dietary labels, and how to incorporate healthy essential foods into your regular diet. John tailor makes a diet and nutrition plan appropriate for your personal goals and does so in a way where it’s not difficult to follow and also easy to re-teach others how to use the same methods. Since working with John I’ve gotten great exercise tips along with great diet and nutrition tips, I’ve personally lost 2.9% body and still currently keeping it off along with maintaining a healthy weight. He’s very knowledgeable and has a very easy going down to earth personality and is a good example to represent his profession.

Age 27

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